Jim and his investment sales team at Medefind Garner Shiebler Group at Marcus & Millichap have proven to be great assets during my project to execute the disposition of my multi-tenant commercial investment asset. Jim and his team demonstrated great efforts over a several year period to assess my properties and provide valuable insight of the market, transactions, acquisition, and disposition timing and the dynamics in play at any given period to ensure I capitalized when the timing was most opportunistic.

It is my opinion that Mr. Shiebler and the Medefind Garner Shiebler Group would be an excellent brokerage team for any individual or company looking to execute a commercial asset disposition or trade into a different investment opportunity. Jim demonstrated the highest level of professionalism and always had my best interest in his dealings.

Sale Price: $5,700,000

Don Deluca
Former owner of Jamaica Bay Shopping Center

Mr. Garner not only helped me secure my first Sonic Drive-In Units in Louisiana, but has been instrumental in helping me grow through new development opportunities, acquisition of existing units, and leveraging real estate to create win-win sale-leaseback scenarios for private investors. I exclusively use James for all real estate deals and would recommend other operators or franchisees consider doing the same. James has been a fantastic business growth partner and has also become a very dear friend. He has consistently found creative ways to get deals across the finish line that have proved to be successful investments for all parties involved in the transaction and I would recommend his expert strategic planning exercises to all restaurant operators who own or plan to own real estate as an operator or investor.

Chris McMillan & Panhandle Restaurant Group
2018 Sonic Multi-Unit Operator of the Year Franchisee of Slim Chickens, RibCrib, and Sonic Drive-In

I am pleased to recommend Jim Shiebler to you as a commercial real estate investment advisor. I had the opportunity to work with Mr. Shiebler regard the sale of three of my Taco Bell properties in Florida. His inside information of the market growth, concept, values, trends, metrics and deal data were all utilized and leveraged to ensure the highest price. The areas that made the biggest difference in commanding, securing and closing each property at the highest price were Jim and his team’s commitment to the process and their ability to sell. Jim worked with me as a true strategic partner throughout the entire sales process, which took several months. Many of Jim’s ideas were unorthodox and unusual and I believe these abstract and creative strategies proved to be integral in yielding the industry’s lowest cap rates and highest prices for each asset. He has truly gone above and beyond in his commitment to us and our properties and left no stone unturned in fulfilling his quest to yield us the highest price.

Total Sale Transaction Volume: $3,841,700

Chris Kemph
3 Circle K’s

Although many buyers angled their dialogue and offers in an effort to secure a reduced price, Jim was able to successfully defend the list price and overall value of the asset. After generating multiple offers and waging the buyers against one another to increase price and improve the terms, Jim worked hard to place the property under contract with a vetted buyer that had the highest likelihood of performing. Numerous positives resulted as a result of these efforts. The ultimate buyer’s price was $20,000 above list price with a nonrefundable deposit on day one and I was able to use my trusted attorney as Title, Escrow and Closing agent, and Jim negotiated for the buyer to pay for Title insurance. Additionally, the timelines were negotiated in my favor as the due diligence period was compressed to just 7 days, yet the closing period was extended to allow me to yield 5 weeks of additional cash flow. The purchaser paid a price on capitalized income which does not take effect for over 1 year and  I did not have to provide any rent credit. And finally, all of this occurred during a worldwide Pandemic before the economy shifted, cap rates increased and values decreased!

Total Represented Transaction Volume: $16,176,000

2 Chick-fil-A’s, Wells Fargo Bank, Fifth Third Bank, Chase Bank & Curaleaf

Jim and his team at Marcus & Millichap were a great asset to my company. They made great efforts to locate qualified buyers through Marcus & Millichap’s National marketing platform. Their efforts yielded 12 offers. The property and assignment proved to be challenging as the asset was located in a Community Redevelopment Area, which is a submarket that has low income and is in the midst of being gentrified. This aspect did not appeal to many buyers. Additionally, the bank had an extremely low level of deposits, which is the main metric of which banks are measured for stability and perpetuity of the lease, specifically for investment purposes. Jim also created several market studies which included a market rent analysis, concept analysis and a void analysis to prove to the buyer pool that if BB&T Bank did not continue their lease, the property could be easily converted to a plethora of national brands and concepts for an equal or greater rent. These models, coupled with Jim’s enthusiasm, salesmanship and relentless determination, were ultimately the reasons we were able to secure a buyer and close the property.

Total Represented Transaction Volume: $11,975,000

BB&T Bank, Aspen Dental / MD Now, Sweet Tomatoes & First Watch

Customer Advocate: Your approach to us a customer is unique, based on my experience in business. You are 100% dedicated to helping the client achieve their stated goals. You put us ahead of your own financial interest on more than one occasion. More specifically, you could have doubled your commissions by selling us properties that you listed, but you didn’t because they didn’t line up with our strategic goals. Throughout the year we worked together, I always felt like you were more determined than we were to end up with the best solution. Having bought more than 15 residential properties over the years, your approach of putting the client first is a unique differentiator.

Negotiations: In all cases, you negotiated to get the highest price for what we sold and the lowest price for what we bought. In my estimation, your skilled negotiation saved us more than 20% compared to agents we have used on previous transactions. Your willingness to go back time and time again to the buyers for more concessions saved us a fortune. Your advice to switch buyers saved us hundreds of thousands of dollars. You are more than paid your fees with your negotiation skills.

Total Represented Transaction Volume: $13,750,000

Town & Country Plaza, Starbucks, Sonny’s BBQ & Behavioral Innovations

James Garner and Marcus & Millichap executed seamlessly based on the marketing plan strategically put in place and performed as promised. Not only was he able to secure multiple offers within a short amount of time, but we closed at list price for an aggressive market value. He provided updates on important deal points as it progressed to the closing table, resulting in a very smooth process.

Gregory E. Williams
Dunkin’ Donuts, Saint Petersburg, FL

Jim was efficient and effective in his professional role, but also took the time to communicate with me on a regular basis on how the sale process was going. I have never had any issue getting in touch with him even though my operation was on the West Coast — Jim ALWAYS returned phone calls or emails promptly and never once disappointed me in his response to whatever question I posed. I would not think twice about Jim representing me in any further transactions and I guarantee with his “results-oriented” approach he will be an excellent fit for any individual or company looking to dispose of a commercial asset or trade into a different investment opportunity. He has been nothing short of an exemplary sales agent.​

Brian l Doherty
Applebee’s, Fort Myers, FL

James Garner and Marcus & Millichap would be a great asset to any company or individual. It was evident that their team was making great efforts to locate well-qualified buyers through Marcus & Millichap’s National marketing platform. They brought me four offers within the first few weeks of marketing the asset and ultimately closed at over 96% of the list price.

Layne Williams
Take 5 Oil Change Portfolio, Tampa Bay, FL