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Customer Advocate: Your approach to us a customer is unique, based on my experience in business. You are 100% dedicated to helping the client achieve their stated goals. You put us ahead of your own financial interest on more than one occasion. More specifically, you could have doubled your commissions by selling us properties that you listed, but you didn’t because they didn’t line up with our strategic goals. Throughout the year we worked together, I always felt like you were more determined than we were to end up with the best solution. Having bought more than 15 residential properties over the years, your approach of putting the client first is a unique differentiator.

Negotiations: In all cases, you negotiated to get the highest price for what we sold and the lowest price for what we bought. In my estimation, your skilled negotiation saved us more than 20% compared to agents we have used on previous transactions. Your willingness to go back time and time again to the buyers for more concessions saved us a fortune. Your advice to switch buyers saved us hundreds of thousands of dollars. You are more than paid your fees with your negotiation skills.

Total Represented Transaction Volume: $13,750,000