How First Watch Cracked the Culinary Code for Breakfast

From taking global culinary tours to watching TikToks about the latest foodie trends, First Watch doesn’t draw any boundaries to where it can source its inspiration from to create new dishes and stay relevant. First Watch recently introduced a new line-up of permanent specialty iced coffees—like Honey Caramel Crunch and Mint Mocha—plus a seasonal summer menu, available through August 13. From Strawberry Tres Leches French Toast to Lone Star Brisket Hash and Carnitas Breakfast Tostadas, First Watch continues to dish out seasonal ingredients and recipes that elevate the brunch experience and differentiate the brand. It was Shane Schaibly, senior vice president of culinary strategy at First Watch, who spearheaded the brand’s seasonal menu program, introducing five seasonal menus throughout each year. Schaibly joined First Watch in 2014 after serving at fine dining restaurants at The Ritz-Carlton, South Beach, and Tampa’s Café Ponte. He joined FB Brands concept The Melting Pot in 2007, where he helped the company set the Guinness World Record for World’s Largest Cheese Fondue Set while working as manager of culinary development. During his tenure with First Watch, Shane has successfully overhauled the brand’s culinary approach, beginning with the rollout of an industry-leading Fresh Juice platform. Using the juice program as a foundation, he curated a new Crafted Cocktail platform, effectively introducing alcohol to more than 300 First Watch restaurants for the first time in the company’s 35-year history. In an interview with FSR, Schaibly gives readers an inside look at how the 480-unit NextGen Casual giant has cracked the culinary code on breakfast, and how it manages to keep fresh ideas and flavors flowing to stay ahead of competitors.

Source: FSR